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Do you require extra homework outside of the tutoring session?
Does your child suffer from anaphylaxis ?
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Does your child have any other medical conditions?
Does your child take any regular medication that we need to be aware of?
Emergency Contact 1 Name
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Incase of emergency Study Space will endeavour to contact Guardian 1, then Guardian 2. If Guardian 1 or Guardian 2 are uncontactable please provide 2 alternate Next of Kin contacts who can approve medical attention if a child requires it.
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Do you give permission for Study Space to use photos of your child for promotional and communication purposes via social media or on the website?
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Terms and Conditions

Tutoring sessions are paid per term and are direct debited from your account. Our team will be in touch via phone to securely manage your bank details for payment.

We understand that unplanned situations can arise and you may need to reschedule your tuition session, we request a minimum 24 hour cancellation notification period.

A reminder that cancellations are only applicable for illness-based appointments where we can provide some flexibility depending on when tutors are available. We request that you commit to all lessons during the term, cancellations outside of illnesses will incur a cancellation fee.

Our tutors prepare tailored sessions before every student attends their class, please consider your allocated tutoring session before booking other appointments/ extra curricular activities, the opportunity to reschedule with tutors can be tricky once all tutoring sessions are locked in for the term.

Thank you for being a valued part of our tutoring centre, by having consistent learning sessions you will see your student learn to their fullest potential.

Thank you for choosing Study Space to assist with your child’s learning needs.

Please check that all details are correct before you submit the form. If any of the details change please contact us as soon as possible.