SENIOR (Years 11-12)

(Years 11-12)


Tutoring during senior years (11 & 12) provides increased self- confidence, at Study Space students can work through course material and past examinations with HSC specialists without distractions. It has proven to assist in alleviating stress caused by unproductive preparation or incorrectly developed study skills.

Give yourself the best possible chance to do well in the final exams, where assessments towards your final grades start at the beginning of Year 11.

Our tutoring is relevant and strategically designed to help students achieve exceptional results in every assessment that counts towards your ATAR. Dedicated revision, organisation and planning plays a huge role in the success of student results.  In addition, students develop a strong knowledge of the syllabus for their chosen HSC subjects. Our tutors equip students with vital study and exam skills.

Preparation is key! We support students with organisation and time management, study note taking and how  to best prepare for their final exams.


Mentor support system for your child through the stresses of their final years of their school journey.

Standard English           Extension English I

Advance English            Extension English II

Year 11 English is where it starts to become challenging. Each level of English has specific modules that schools can choose to study. In each of the modules students engage with complex texts and ideas and gain a thorough knowledge of all syllabus requirements from the new NSW Stage 6 English Syllabus.

At Study Space our senior tutors help our students develop a sophisticated understanding and to write insightful responses. Our students are also taught how to structure and write an essay step-by-step and be equipped with the skills to compose insightful responses to challenging English questions. Our English tutors will ensure our students can write, analyse, and communicate at their best ability to achieve maximum grades.

Our goal is to avoid the challenges for our year 12 students in their final year of school. Not understanding the concepts taught in class, effort not translating into results, frustration and fear they might not get the course they want in university can build up to make it a very stressful year for students. 


A mentor for your child, guiding them through the hurdles of their final year.

Standard Mathematics           Extension Mathematics I

Advance Mathematics            Extension Mathematics II

Mathematics in Year 11 and 12 across all levels is challenging. Students learn abstract ideas and require an understanding of how to calculate complex equations which can become stressful and frustrating for students that don’t grasp concepts as quickly as others. 

At Study Space our promise is to make senior maths enjoyable rather than frustrating.

We ensure students learn the maths topics in the same order following the same scope and sequence as their school to make it relevant. We understand all students learn in unique ways some learn better with visuals or with audio, our tutors can structure the class around the student’s preferences. 

Expert maths tutors at Study Space are able to clarify complex problems and boost student confidence alleviate stress and anxiety and increase ability by providing many strategies that help students studying HSC maths to feel capable of working out equations on their own. Having a personalised tuition plan at Study Space means individual student learning needs are met and challenging concepts are clarified and explained thoroughly.


Over the years we have excelled many students in both theory and application in business studies and have helped hundreds of students achieve higher grades in their HSC exams. Having the additional support throughout these fundamental two years can make all the difference for students to be able to confidently investigate, synthesise and evaluate current business issues to hypothetical and actual business situations and case studies.

Study Space offers targeted revision for Year 11 and 12 Business Studies students. Aside from revision of key syllabus concepts from the Preliminary and HSC Course, skills are taught for Case Study Analysis & amp; Writing, Report Writing Structure, Essay Writing Skills and Short Answer technique. These specific skills frame the Preliminary and HSC examinations and thus are essential to allow a student to achieve a Band 6 so that they are best prepared for the business world.


Give your child the right guidance to tackle through complex and challenging topics such as Australia’s Place in the Global Economy, Economic Issues and Government Policy & Management.

Economics is everywhere, it is part of everyday life and our future. Our economics expert tutors provide in depth understanding of finance, markets, supply and demand and trade and how they affect society from small business to global markets.

Study Space offers support for Year 11 and Year 12 Economics students to understand how our world operates in the economic climate. Assistance with syllabus terminology and concepts are provided. Alongside these, key strategies to handle Short Answer Questions, Multiple Choice and Essay writing are also provided for all topics.


Many students in high school experience difficulty with Physics, Biology and Chemistry, concepts, assignments, assessment tasks or syllabus material beyond the lab.

Students will gain expertise and experience in utilising the scientific process and develop your ability to apply skills to solve problems and form evidence-based conclusions that will be assessed across all science disciplines , using past papers to finesse short and long form answers.   


When it comes to HSC Modern History it really depends on who is telling the story. You really need a great teacher to have the point of difference.

Year 11 and 12 History is a content-heavy subject with lots of complicated names, dates, places, and years written as well as many different cultural references, facts and interpretations relating past events to present ones. Understanding and analysing different perspectives is crucial in achieving success in this subject.

History is a subject that requires a lot of reading. Without personalised tuition students struggle to select their own articles and may not know which articles are biased and therefore form a biased opinion about the event effecting their essay grades.  Our Study Space tutors will proofread essays, draft as a second opinion and add any additional resources they may have.

Similar to other humanities subjects, HSC History also requires a lot of practice doing case studies and essays. However, the practice papers given in school may not seem sufficient for students to become proficient in writing.  Our expert tutors guide students through past paper examples with clear scaffolding, tips and working examples.


Geography refers to studying the physical features and places of the Earth, the impact of human activities on Earth and the relationship between people and their environment. Students also study and discover the diverse landscapes and societies, new locations, cultures and people. The planet earth is our home. Our responsibility is to maintain it and make it a better place for ourselves and the future generation.

Our geography tutors have extensive subject knowledge, experience and they also make geography fun and interesting to learn and digest by making it personalised and taking it beyond maps and locations.


‘Success in life not just school’ At Study Space we inspire our next generation of leaders.  feeling more confident in the classroom and during exams. We teach students to master critical thinking, guide them through essay writing.

Study Space Legal tutors cover the full curriculum of HSC Legal Studies with quizzes and tests along the way to test student knowledge and practice papers that allow our students to practice the skills they have been developing.