Opportunity Classes Program

Opportunity Classes Program


OC classes in government schools in NSW cater for academically gifted and talented children in Years 5 and 6. They provide a rich and intellectually stimulating educational environment. Students who wish to be placed in OC in Year 5 need to sit the test in Year 4.

The OC program includes three areas of assessment; English, Mathematics and General Ability. At Study Space we prepare students for OC exams by enhancing students’ performance in reasoning, problem-solving, exam strategies, extended vocabulary, extensive general ability and time management. We encourage students to start their preparation as early as possible for this placement test.

The entry into OC is determined by two factors:

1) Students’ results in the OC Test English Reading comprehension Mathematics and General Ability
2) Students’ school’s assessment of their performance in English and Mathematics in year 3 and 4 including their Naplan results.

What the OC Placement Test involves:
There are two parts (Part 1 and Part 2) to the test.
English (total 20 questions) (Multiple Choice)

Mathematics (total 20 questions)
Ability (total 30 questions)
Each part’s duration is 30 minutes. Each part includes 10 questions of Mathematics, 10 questions in English and 15 questions of General Ability.