SECONDARY (Years 7-10)

(Years 7-10)


In years 7-10 students begin to engage with novels, story writing, newspapers, poems, plays, and digital media as well as a huge emphasis on creative and persuasive writing skills with correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Due to the wide variety of literature/ texts that schools can choose from, Study Space ensures that students are mentored and prepared thoroughly in personalised learning sessions for their own schools books/ media/ audio visual/ poetry/ plays/ stories and texts which will be examined..


Correct and consistent learning in English leads to progress.

Main skills taught in English (across all levels) based on the NSW syllabus:

  • Read and analyse prescribed texts and discuss their major themes and literary techniques to convey meaning, communicate ideas, and persuade the audience.
  • Improve reading comprehension skills by finding the main idea, making predictions, recognising cause and effect understanding context drawing conclusions and making inferences to make meaning.
  • Effectively structure written essays and paragraph structuring with a variety of purposes and audiences to maximise impact and meaning.
  • Strengthen persuasive, descriptive, and imaginative writing using language techniques and impressive vocabulary.
  • Study strategies to master English exams and put in place healthy study routines.
  • Analyse different text types.
  • Work on presentation and delivery of tasks and confidence in public speaking assignments.
  • Practice past papers and exam techniques.
  • Receive targeted feedback and future direction where improvement can be made.
  • We are also able to assist students who have English as a second language.


Mathematics can be a challenging and complex subject for students in the early years of High School, where they are adapting to new concepts.

It is often the case where students who have not developed a strong math foundation regress if the right professional support isn’t received early on.

Study Spa maths tutors offer our students support to understand and grasp the maths syllabus, sharpen their speed, efficiency, and accuracy in mathematics. It is vital to understand maths, but more importantly to put it into practice and show working out, we can help them with this along with developing strong exam techniques to unlock their full potential.

Stage 4 (year 7-8) and 5 (year 9-10) mathematics focus on:

      • Number and Algebra
      • Measurement and Geometry
      • Statistics and Probability

 We see students use mathematics in real world examples, such as:

      • Retail and purchasing
      • Architecture and engineering
      • Calculating financials for example interest rates for mortgages
      • Understanding graphs across research studies

The aim of our expert maths tutors is to develop your child’s knowledge, build confidence and abilities across every maths topic using five key learning approaches.

Fluency – Learn, understand, and recall definitions and facts to calculate answers and find solutions with the most appropriate procedure, method or strategy to solve different solutions.

Understanding – Learn, explore, adapt and connect different mathematical strategies and concepts. Apply mathematics to the classroom and the real world.

Communicating – describe, represent, and explain mathematical concepts, methods, and solutions. As well as using a variety of representations to accurately express mathematical ideas in the forms of number sentences or graphs.

Problem Solving – solve new and unfamiliar problems, investigate different strategies, work through problems to arrive at solutions and answers as well as apply logical reasoning to check calculations are correct and conclusions are reasonable.

Reasoning –Explain thinking, analyse, evaluate, prove, infer, and predict.  Justify their use of a strategy and conclusions reached showing working.

Due to the large classroom sizes at schools, students are not able to get the personalised attention and assistance they desperately need to improve. Many students hesitate to ask for help in class when they make mistakes, fail, or struggle in tests/exams.

Like classroom teachers, our tutors are there to bring out the best in every student in every single maths lesson by giving student an in depth understanding of various mathematical concepts and fundamentals using appropriate and specific terminology, correct applications, and delivery methods most suited for them and aligned with the maths syllabus.

Our maths tutors will set clear goals and expectations and help guide your child through maths assignments, help them understand how to tackle and analyse test problems by completing past papers and exam preparation questions with constructive feedback as well as develop a positive attitude and mindset towards mathematics.