PRIMARY (Year 3 – Year 6)


Years 3-6

At Study Space, our year 3-6 program is designed to empower students by building on the fundamental knowledge and skills in both Maths and English. Our tutoring programs are aligned with the NSW curriculum and mapped directly to the learning sequence of the classroom.

When they know how to set goals, plan and achieve, the process of learning becomes stress-free and joyful.

We provide extension opportunities for capable students to explore more sophisticated and complex vocabulary, critical thinking and visual literacy in a range of different texts. We offer the students essential practice in all of the targeted literacy and numeracy skills that equip them well for both primary school and high school with confidence. 

English, Years 3 – 6

    • Reading – oral and silent reading strategies, reading fluency.
    • Reading Comprehension –Constructing meaning from clues in the text, as well as considering information in the student’s prior knowledge and experience including their language acquisition. This process of building meaning involves interaction between students and the text. We teach students to apply comprehension skills in a range of different formats for class purposes as well as internal and external assessment purposes.
    • Writing – Developing understandings of writing constructs, text types and their purposes
    • Language Conventions – A range of spelling strategies, syntax and grammatical constructs to give students a solid foundation on which to build their skills

Maths, Years 3 – 6

Build or extend core Mathematical knowledge by supporting what is happening in class with syllabus aligned content from our expert tutors  Our maths focus for students 3-6 is on conceptual understanding of place value, whole numbers, operations, fractions, measurement, space, chance and data as well as problem solving and working mathematically. We build on previous knowledge and connect Maths to everyday life.

In years 3-6 it is crucial that students learn the correct various mathematical strategies and build on number relationships to solve simple and complex number problems.

We provide extension opportunities for capable students to explore more complex concepts/ advanced problem-solving skills to equip them exceptionally well for the demand of high school.